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Raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Kevin completed high school alongside his identical twin brother, Duke. Following graduation from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, Kevin returned to Tennessee, embarking on a two-year stint as a sportswriter. The journey continued at the University of South Carolina Law School, culminating in a 1995 graduation.

Post-graduation, Kevin successfully passed the bar exam and served as a clerk for the Honorable Paul E. Short Jr. in 1995-96. During this period, Kevin resided just a few doors down from Judge Short in Chester, South Carolina. A subsequent move to Telluride, Colorado, marked a diverse career path over four winters. Kevin engaged in various roles: working in a ski shop, serving at a French restaurant, joining a law firm, and finally, working for the ski mountain, which involved skiing all day. It was during this time in Colorado that Kevin met his future spouse.

Eventually, Kevin returned to South Carolina to practice law and establish a more settled life. The decision to pursue law was inspired during his senior year in high school, influenced by a family friend who was a personal injury lawyer. This lawyer’s ability to connect effortlessly with everyone, including witnesses and jurors, resonated with Kevin, seeing a reflection of those traits within himself.

Growing up, Kevin was surrounded by people who earned their livelihood through physical labor, including his father and both grandfathers. These individuals, with names on their shirt patches rather than office doors, are the people Kevin dedicates his legal fight for each year – the real working class.

Outside of the professional sphere, Kevin cherishes skiing and playing golf with his family, including his spouse and sons. The family’s home life is enriched by two pets, a small assertive dog named Holly and a laid-back cat named Slim Shady, who have, in essence, rescued the family.

Member: South Carolina Bar Association

Member: Charleston County Bar Association

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